30 April 2009

Pageant Loser Shows True Colors

Dear Readers, (and the few staunch Miss California fans)

This is not going to be pretty for Miss California.
I'm so glad this freak of nature lost the Miss USA Pageant.
This video shows how undeserving she is to hold such a title.
You have to be beautiful, but you must have a brain as well.
She can barely put a sentence together.
Miss USA should NOT be homophobic.
Because once the gays turn on you honey.... it's over.
She had to read off her piece of paper words somebody else obviously wrote.
Another right wing bible thumping blond bimbo siliconed chested hate propaganda pawn.
Miss California obviously left her brain at home in the fridge next to the swelling pack she used for her plastic boobs. The RNC will love her. She may even become a Governor.

I know one thing for sure....
We'll see her on FOX News real soon y'all

Yee haw!

And I think she gets uglier every time she's on the television.
Ugly hateful heart, you can tell.
Bitter and angry.
NOT Perez Hilton's BFF.

What about this shocker?
Miss California
demanded that the Miss USA Pageant PAY for her silicone breasts prior to the pageant.

Apparently she thought her boobs were too small.
So she had them stuffed with silicone prior to the pageant.
Mmmmm, natural beauty?
Hahahahaha. Never.

She is so fake, it's ridiculous.
On the inside and the outside.

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