03 May 2009

2.7 MILLION a Minute Man

Hatton's wife obviously shocked and distressed as he remains motionless.

Hatton out for the count

A graceful and powerful display of pure sheer athleticism in the 2nd round

British boxer Ricky Hatton has been knocked out in the second round of his Las Vegas fight against Manny Pacquiao.The fight was billed as a battle for the title of best pound-for-pound fighter in the world, but proved to be a very one-sided affair.

Hatton came out all guns blazing in the first round but was floored twice by the Filipino southpaw and looked to be in big trouble before the bell went.

I watched it and I loved it! I don't normally like boxing, but I was excited for Pacman and was convinced he would win. But the 2nd round? Over soooo fast.

But a victory for the Philippines is a great victory for all Filipinos.

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