10 April 2009

The Shabu Club

Rumors of rampant drug use surround the cast of Helium


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The cast of Helium..or is it really the cast of shabu lovers....

Dear Readers,

I knew this lot from The Helium Club had to be on drugs.....after I saw their totally trashy teaser trailer on-line. I mean, the concept is not even original but nothing about it is. One would have to be 'loaded' to come up with this rubbish.
It's copy copy copy.
No creative edge whatsoever.
Drug fueled Bacchanalia without the mysticism..

Readers are filling my in box with all the details about the production company and who actually runs it.
But most e mails are about shabu shabu shabu.
I have to say, I'm in a bit of shock.

I'm told shabu is a big part of the 'courage factor' that some cast members need to have in order for them to 'spill' the garbage they think people are interested in. They can't live without it....addicted.


Will the cast members of Helium talk about and show their drug use on their new unfab WWW. 'reality show'?

I'm just asking because it's supposed to be a reality show right?
And it's real common knowledge that the majority of cast members are flipping shabu heads.
Two in particular.
One has a real problem.


Will a certain cast member discuss how she 'pawned' the birthday 'tiara' daddy gave her to buy more drugs?
Of course these particular cast members are favorite Embassy VIP's.
Part of the dance floor.
Let's get real here kiddies.
If your pet Helium truly is a 'reality show' then lets show how you guys REALLY live.
Show us how and where you buy your drugs.
Show us how you stab people in the back over and over....
Show us how you sacrifice your integrity as a person in order to project yourselves further into this ridiculous 'artistic' endeavour.
Failure is just a matter of time.

Now THAT would be a GREAT show!

Not Helium.

Make the show about your drugs and how it's DESTROYING the lives of your friends..... everywhere you look. Talk about your mates that have had to go to America for re hab in order to re claim their lives......

How else did this shallow hollow vapid drug induced bunch of no hopers come up with the asinine assumption that people want to watch absolute crap about THEM?

The Hills is the WORST....HELLO!!!!... show on television.
You need like 2.6 brain cells to watch the drivel. Maybe less.
WHY would anyone want to emulate that American trash ANYWHERE in the world?

This 'Helium' project is NOT their truth OR their reality.
Don't be fooled.

One of the cast members family
(formally VERY wealthy family) is nearly broke after losing everything in recent months. Will THIS 'charade' be discussed on the web show.
THAT I want to watch. Would be delicious for sure.
REAL reality.

I mean, the family is nearly BROKE, and here she is flitting around the traps with her new BFF BryanBoy (who she REFUSES to believe was Chikatime OR that he's 'mutually' using her, hahaha, silly silly girl) like a drugged up trashed out upper east side wannabee hawking jewelery for her shaboo habit in Manila. Tsk tsk tsk.....
it's rehab time for you princess darling.
And it's only going to get worse for these Gucci Gang wannabees.
They keep placing themselves out there for public consumption, therefore they will be consumed.

Sadness is more like it.

Check out this little gem written by the creators of Helium in response to a comment left on there board by Mr. Litton.
It quite clearly shows a festering insecurity in both the production and what exactly underpins its validity in the first place.
The way Helium responds to this person who simply wrote how he felt about the show is appalling and boldly immature.
Hardly good public relations from this organization.
More later.

Let us not go that far (and too low),
Manolo Litton.

To you who recklessly commented on the posted notes, as well as to the official trailer and the other sections of this fan page, careful on your words, mister or miss or whatever you are. We can always keep ranting about certain things in this World but a pressing change in this Society, that in fact is where you too live in, is BUT a normal and timely phase that everyone should be thankful for.

This is actually a long time coming for MANILA. You know that someday, someone will start this kind of movement. It may not be tomorrow or the next quarter but definitely it will come. In our case though, we started the change this soon. This Summer 2009. We are pioneering the FIRST. Wow redundant but true. If you were surprised... then be it.

Tasteless bashings, just like how you sampled one for the near thousand fans (current time speaking for 997 listed friends for the Helium Club, all in less than 7 days from the Opening) of this Reality Show, just goes to show how insecure and tacky you can be against the 5 faces that will represent real-to-the-core lives from this City we all love. Insecurity may not be the word but your actions definitely belong to the caves. Where growth should be stunned and innovation should never be accepted at all. Why can't we just show positivity and support here? Let me clear that out. Your actions belong to the caves and not you personally. If you treat it as the same.. then..

After all, the Youth of this Nation has been tired of hearing, seeing and witnessing the grim
Manila, The Philippines that is highly-publicized all over the World, thanks to the International Press. It is time that we show the other light of this Nation through a Reality Show that talks about friendships and not poverty, night outs and not terrorism and a vibrant urban lifestyle over the usual corruption and street demonstrations that regularly painted the almost-hostile image of this country to the World.

If for the words that I have said above, you still did not get it then the Point has clearly evaded you. You and the future bashers of this reality show are welcome to this Fan page. We invite you to the launch of the official flagship website as well. But one thing's for sure. You do not understand. The Point you did not actually miss but it has in fact, WILLINGLY (and whole-heartedly) rerouted away from your path. And we all feel sorry for that.

Sincerely yours,

Truancy Live Media Management
The Helium Club
"5 Faces, a Million Colorful Lives"
The 997 strong and still counting support.
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