11 May 2009

D Day for Hate Puppet

You're FIRED!... I hope, hehehe

Prejean's life changing question moment, or should I say answer moment

It all comes down to the Donald... again.
Donald is like the evil wizard behind the curtain pulling levers, pushing buttons while controlling the entire train wreck/show.
"The" Donald Trump will decide tomorrow if Carrie Prejean will hold on to her Miss California crown.
So much controversy surrounds Miss Prejean.(hehehe, KARMA)
Will she be fire and replaced with her runner up?
Will Donald Trump throw her a bone?
He should because she's turned into quite the lap dog for the terrified horrible far right Christian zealots. She will speak at a gun rally next.
But Trump is after all, on record clearly indicating support for Prejean's VERY anti gay marriage stand or should I say her right to express it.

But the semi nude pictures surfaced with is a contract violation.

This beauty queen sure has some balls, I'll give her that.
Miss California refuses to have any contact with her 'bosses' at pageant headquarters. Hahahaha.
This shit is funny.
She REFUSES to behave!
Personally, I hope the bimbo gets fired because I can't stand the right wing puppet for another second spewing her hateful homophobic rhetoric every time she opens her huge chicklet filled veneered gob..
The times are changing and this time the pro gay marriage coalition is global.
Facts are facts.
Obama is under increasing pressure to address the gay marriage issue.
It will be HUGE.
And the queers are angry and will march like fierce bitches next time around.
They will NOT tolerate for another second, being marginalized.
The states are falling one by one.

This time we mean business and you know we're talking tough when we destroy a fucking beauty queen!
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