11 May 2009

Wanda Sykes Kills It HARD!

part one-killer funny

part two-i LOVE her, BRUTAL

Wanda Sykes is the best female comedian in the world.
I've written about her before and she appears on my love youtube feed.
Hands down, Wanda is the best.
A one woman thrashing shredding have no mercy machine-ette.
Watch these two clips and find out how far this woman is willing to go in order to push to envelope.
The White House Correspondents' dinner will never be the same.
Beautiful Barack has the most infectious smile and bursting laugh.
It's obvious the President found everything Wanda said side splitting funny.
His face shows it.
And Michelle Obama is the bomb.
So freaking sexy.
I adore her.
And I adore Wanda Sykes.

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