11 May 2009


cover- Wanggo Gallaga


I'm so proud of my soul enriching alliance with POSITIVISM.PH and it's wonderful publisher Cholo Hidalgo Laurel. Inspiring from day one.
A person could not ask for a better friend than Cholo.
I admire him for his vast pool of talents and his incredible ability to make things happen. Plus, I love a family man and that he is.
Honestly, I'm in awe.

I actually consider it my greatest achievement...turning my nightmare into positivity and passion for something that actually effects me every day.
Being accepted by the Philippines advocacy community has been key to my objectives and I feel the love, there's no doubt.
The advocacy community is made of many different people in the Philippines. They work side by side trying to make a difference and there is no question, the power of the Internet has changed everything....and I'm happy to be part of this shift.
The letters I've received about POSITIVISM.PH are so heartfelt and emotional for me to read and I do read every letter.

I'm a super happy and proud HIV advocate. People come to me for answers .....and I try my best with what I know plus the links I have to suggest, including the best link of all...POSITIVISM.PH.

Wow, I'm overwhelmed today because of many things.

But the #1 reason is the launch of POSITIVISM.PH Issue#2.
I have to say one thing about its editor Jake Intimo.
The guy is gifted and on the edge of everything relevant and important it seems. I'm so impressed with his content.
Groundbreaking stuff.

The truth is, you don't have to be HIV positive to enjoy POSITIVISM.PH webzine.
It IS for everyone irregardless of your HIV status.

I think POSITIVISM.PH is on of the best HIV information web sites in the world. Some of my new connections in America are so impressed that the web site is from the Philippines. The art direction is SUPERB! And the issue #2 cover boy Wanggo Gallaga is
fabulous and I love him.

The creative team/FORCE behind this wonderful most imperative multi layered project are mind blowing.
These tremendous beautiful people give their time, energy and their love, and for that we should all be grateful.

The second installment of the FREE on line web-zine is better than the first!
And the first was AMAZING!

HELLO!!! can you tell I am HAPPY?
I am.

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