31 May 2009

"Off World"

Mateo Guez is the director/creator and brilliant mind behind the film "Off World"

Dear Readers,

This clip from "Off World" is only the tip of this amazing film. Remarkable indeed and speaks a completely different language to my heart than what it's used to.

Mateo Guez is a wonderful french film director with a deep passion, not unlike myself, for the Philippines.

I had the immense pleasure of meeting with him along with fellow blogger Carlos Celdran last night for laughs, food and drink and of course ART!

Thanks Carlos, for inviting me to attend. I really had the best time.

Please watch Mateo's amazing film clip. Mateo is currently touring the world with his film about the Smokey Mountains.
I LOVE that so many foreigners love the Philippines and spend so much time devoted to telling their own stories about the country. Their OWN treasured experiences.

Blogger Carlos Celdran, in Toronto spreading his joy. What fun we had.

Having a great time with wonderful french film director Mateo Guez

I adored Carlos of course and we were a perfect fit.
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