01 June 2009

Malu's Mandarin Dreams

Malu, unemployed and still hungry for small-ish people

Malu Fernandez to work at Mandarin Manila?

10 03am- Update!!!!!!!! - I'm told that Wally is at the hotel RIGHT NOW as I type this!!!!!!!!

Wally needs a job.
The friend of every OFW in the world is broke and needs money.

Remember Malu?

Vicky Z's sister and the auntie of our dear attractive Miggsy (election cheater) has applied for a job.......

delicious friend told me his DELICIOUS mole from Mandarin Hotel told him that the 'eat all you can' buffet nightmare Malu FERNANDEZ is applying at Mandarin Hotel-Manila as their Marketing Manager......

I'll be updating you more about this, coz my mole told me the staff were/are already freaking-out when they found out Jabba was applying..... apparently, Wally is rubbing her FAT ELBOWS with the GM... yuck!

!!!! NO WAY!!!!

Imagine how she will treat the staff at Mandarin...... ON NO!!!
The smaller yummy looking ones will slowly.....and mysteriously.... vanish.

PLEASE Mandarin, do not inflict this horrible Jabba da-GUGANTIC freak
on your poor employees.
I'm sure they suffer enough already under their current circumstances.....!
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