07 July 2009

Monkey Business

"E, pinatototohanan lang ang sinabi ni Mariah Carey na tayong mga Filipino ay mga unggoy. Kasi, wala tayong sarili, gaya-gaya lang tayo. Nasa Amerika ka na, binigyan ka na ng pagkakataon na kumanta sa Oprah, bakit kumanta ka pa ng kanta ni Celine Dion? Sinabi ni Mariah na mga unggoy ang Filipino, gaya-gaya lang kayo, e, di napatunayan nga, totoo nga," says Freddie Aguilar (main photo) about Filipino international artists Charice Pempengco and Arnel Pineda (insets).Summit Library (Freddie) & Noel Orsal (Charice & Arnel)-PEP

Dear Readers,

So many e mails about this.
I HAD to post!

Freddie Aguilar says
Charice and Arnel Pineda prove that Filipinos are "monkeys"

Mariah C did NOT say Filipinos were monkeys. That is a lie.

Monkey, eh? with your cowboy hat and suit, who's monkey now?

His single “anak’ has sold millions of copies today. He writes and sings songs about government, social, and environmental issues. He is considered as one of the icons of Pinoy music.

He is bitter.

Folk singer Freddie Aguilar stated that the like of Journey’s front man Arnel Pineda and young Youtube’s superstar Charice have proven that we, Filipinos, are ‘monkeys’, as what Mariah Carey allegedly had said in an interview. He stated that what monkeys see, monkey do, referring to how Arnel and Charice rose to fame by singing foreign songs. Whole story, here...

crab. i’m allergic to crabs.

first off, sir Freddie, do your research. Mariah never said that. that was just a rumour. do you believe in rumours? how intellectual of you.

second, just because they don’t sing in Filipino language does not mean they are less of Filipinos. in fact, you should be proud that every time they perform they always say that they are, indeed, Filipinos. they should be doing what they’re doing because that is what they should be doing.

and your turning down a multimillion dollar contract just to be here in the Philippines and sing Filipino songs is a thing not to be proud of. shame on you and your false pride.

and if i were you, you should be happy for them and their successes. if not, you better shut up and lock yourself up in a room with your brain that, i guess, has made itself stuck in the 80s. and get a haircut.




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