08 July 2009

Still Resting and Feeling Good

In my GREAT doctor's office waiting...

Dear Readers,

Due to some unforeseen health 'issues', I need a rest from blogging.
In the meantime, a friend will monitor the comments.
I'm not sure for how long, but my health always comes first and it is always my #1 priority.
These 'setbacks' are only temporary but nonetheless, they need my full attention which means a temporary move away from my computer.
I am no good to anyone if I am not strong and fit.
Mentally and physically.
Thank you my dear Council of Eight.
Thank you Papa.

From Victorina Blog.

By Brian Gorrell
...There are few things I truly regret doing in my life. The one thing I regret the most is getting involved with my ex boyfriend DJ Montano, a man who I never really knew as it turned out. The other big regret is having unsafe sex which led to my HIV diagnosis, which of course created it's own set of issues to deal with. I deal with them as best as I can. We all know money helps, and trust me, you only find this out when you have no one to rely on.
Look, I REALLY thought Delfin would pay me back.
I wrote about this before; I truly mean it when I say that having HIV is much easier for me to deal with than losing my money to my ex boyfriend, a man I truly loved. My life savings represented my future, my security and my well-being. Without my money, I've had to seek help from the government due to my many health problems, my newly acquired chronic diabetes being only one of them. I had a blood transfusion yesterday and fell into a 'coma shock' for almost five minutes due to my anxiety medication and an allergic reaction to the blood. I had to be revived with adrenaline.
So you see, I have so many things to deal with which makes it difficult for me to get a job, so I'm on a paltry disability pension, which is humiliating for me actually. When one is in love and swept away in such an exotic fashion, it's easy to lose control of your rationality, especially if you are desperate for love as I was back then. And we all know I did lose my ability to see clearly through the thick haze of lies and manipulation. BUT that is NO reason for me to sit back and let DJ get away with stealing my money AND the contents of my hotel safe. That was, well, shocking really.
Am I tired of this?
Am I tired of death threats?
Am I tired of the abuse?
The hatred?
Yes, I am.For the first time in my life I contemplated suicide five weeks ago before my doctors intervened and placed me on medication. I just want you to know I am doing much better as a result and the thoughts of suicide are gone. But I was scared to death last month when I developed another tumor on my back, which had since been removed. It's the fifth such tumor I've had this past year. DJ has none of these worries. But I do and I need that money back.You ask yourself, how much can one man take before jumping off the edge?I'm exhausted.Just simply exhausted.Please help me.DJ, please end this for me.You give me back my Western Union and my bank deposits, and I will close the blog.

Please DJ, let this end for me.

By Trixie Angeles ...DJ, read my lips: You. Are. Goin'. Down. Down to face the consequences of your actions. Down to where the other crooks live. Down to where dear momma can't pull her little strings for you. Down where you will have time to contemplate the consequences of your actions. If the long arm of the law doesn't get you this year, it will the next. Or the next. We're patient, DJ. But we don't forget. Come clean before the warrant comes out.

By Andro Ramirez ...Delfin Justiniano Montano III... Who is he really? A crook? A user? A usurper? The greatest cheat of them all?

It's a pity actually, and a shame. Pitiful that he useswhatever education he has to scam people, even close associates, just to maintain a shallow fantasylifestyle. Shameful, because even family members tolerate the misdeeds. Leading to the extent of a mother threatening people with lawsuits and even using God to feign innocence at the same time. I may not be all that religious anymore but I shudder at that blasphemous statementand wooden TV performance. It only shows the fruit does not fall far from the tree. DJ Montano's just desserts are coming. My words were proven true when I gave the same statement about Christy Fermin, and she fell.... hard. So will Montano. Brian and the other victims may never get their money back, but what is money when you have no peace of mind. In this digital age, there is no place too remote for Montano to hide in, now that all eyes are looking for him. Not that he would enjoy living in a totally isolated area without the amenities he is used to or flaunt he is a Montano (if that still means anything positive). DJ Montano enjoyed living a life of a prince, when all along he is nothing but a knave in fine robes. Now he hides, hoping one day, we will all forget. To borrow an old saying: For evil to succeed, good men need only do nothing.
I say: Never Again. Off with his head! Off with all their heads!!!

By: BoldStar ...DJ Montano is an asshole. One of those lazy no-good assholes you'd see loitering the cafes from Monte Carlo through to Paris and of course Manila waiting to try their scams on unwitting victims. Instead of selling his body per hour, he connives using love and affection to gain the victims’ trust. He reminds me of a taxi rank in Cabo San Lucas where touts encircle you like piranhas whose sole purpose in life is to rip you off albeit with smile. He reminds me of an offer for a "free" tour by an Indian taxi driver in Agra India. At least in both cases I can smell their con. Nothing in life is free. These are sociopaths who can never be rehabilitated. Like DJ MOntano, they have no conscience nor remorse but have astounding abilities to blend in easily as they are just full of fun and a source of entertainment in social gatherings. DJ Montano is a master manipulator who "APPEAR" to be intelligent, witty, charming and likable. It comes as no surprise that he sensed to have entitlements, over-rate his own greatness, and poor self control whose ability to use and hurt others is pervasive.

From Kitty Go Blog... He cheated people of hundreds of thousands of dollars in Manila. Now he is on the run and seeking employment illegally in America. You may be his next victim. You may be his current lover. Report any information to www.donavictorina.blogspot.com and find out about the scammer who did a runner on his ex-lover's blog, www.delfindjmontano.blogspot.com.

By Rain Barnido ...It is a travesty of justice and the triumph of evil if DJ Montano is allowed to roam freely and continue enjoying his debauched life without facing his responsibility towards the victims of his abuses, especially Brian Gorrell. A year after the scandal that shook Philippine faux-high society, DJ Montano walks like a free man, living a luxurious life in San Francisco, and apparently hunting for his next victims. Victorina strongly denounces such a mockery of our social mores, and if DJ Montano can get away with it, then any one can, if given the resources and connections he has. We strongly urge those who know the whereabouts of DJ Montano to report to the proper authorities so that proper legal actions can be done right away. We also believe the DJ should be given his day in court, to lay his arguments and defend himself. But first, people have to report where he is.

By Amiel Aguilar Cabanlig ...The Gucci Gang cuddled DJ Montano like a baby... Indeed, truth shouts while evil whispers!

1. DJ Montano is culpable unless he can establish with receipts how he spent Gorrell's money. DJ along with his sister Marvelli relayed on National TV that they were recipients of huge sums of money that were wired by Gorrell via Western Union.
2. I personally looked into the unlawful questioning and detention of Gorrell at the Makati Police station. It was illegal to hold Gorrell for questioning for more than 8 hours for an unsubstantiated “Unjust Vexation” case. (Professors of Criminal Law justify this apparent lack of definition saying that unjust vexation is a catch-all crime that applies whenever the act or omission complained of does not specifically fall under any other provision of the Revised Penal Code.)
3. JM Rodriguez personally testified to me that a certain Jackie Antonio saw money stashed in Montano’s bag so “they decided to leave the scene”. DJ Montano was known for “shady” business deals. He practiced public relations while he was a columnist for the Philippine Star. His paper, editor and friends were fully aware of it!

A Russian proverb says it all; Tell me who's your friend and I'll tell you who you are!

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