16 September 2009

Chikatime Creator Threatens Blogger

Chikatime creator/publisher Bryanboy

Dear Brian,

This happened a week before I first contacted you and GURRRL I WAS SHOCKED.
Bryanboy is trying to effing sue me (http://www.thegossiper.typepad.com/) for defamation. Imagine that, Bryanboy threatening to sue ME! The creator of Chikatime is threatening to sue ME! The world is going crazy. My blog is new and I think he's scared because I'm in the Philippines.

I attached a screen-shot (mind you, I don't know how Bryanboy got my address (Bryan Boy is a major hacker, that's how dear T). and if you choose to re-post this, do not show my address...no one lives there anymore. )

Anyway I posted something about him being the man behind Chikatime on a forum (a forum that attracts, what, 400 hits a day??) and lo and behold, one month later he sends me this creepy email , and the bastard had the gall to CALL MY HOME AND MAKE THREATS TO MY FATHER.

Uh, whatevs. The industry can be a bitch.

Dear BryanBoy,

You ARE and always will be Chikatime dear.

Own it.

You think you can do what you're doing and get away with it?

We're ALL on to you.
Your world is getting smaller.

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