13 September 2009

Dinig Sana Kita (If I Knew What You Said)

Some keepsakes from the movie which will be screened again on September 19th 2009 at 11am at Dundas Square Cinema, Toronto International Film Festival

Deaf dancer and brand new actor Romalito Mallari who plays the male lead 'Kiko' in his first role.
He is/was wonderful.......and sooo gorgeous to watch. I loved him.

After waiting in line, I met the film's amazing director
Mike Escareal Sandejas after his PACKED TIFF screening

Meeting the film's female lead, actress/musician
Zoe Sandejas who plays Niña masterfully

Dear Readers,

I was so thrilled to have been invited to view the Toronto International Film Festival's screening of Dinig Sana Kita (If I Knew What You Said). (thanks dear Von)

This film has everything a movie should have.

It comes complete with refreshing new actors, a brilliant script and an amazing location.
The location of course is the Philippines with some special focus on Baguio where my great mate Oliver happens to live. The film is beautifully shot and made me really miss the country and the Filipino people.

Dinig Sana Kita (If I Knew What You Said) is a multilayered film which left me breathless. I exited the cinema feeling both deeply touched by the love story and encouraged to learn more about the deaf and their relationship with dance and music.
It was so beautiful.

I was also driven to unwrap the director's message and absorb it through every pore of my being.

I love Filipino movies but often the acting is a bit 'over the top'.
This movie needs to be seen by every single person who is the least bit interested in dance, music and heart strings.
My heart strings were pulled and tugged leaving me finally... in a heap of salty tears.

The ending was so superb..... we all agreed.

I don't want to ramble on about the film's story too much.
I entered the cinema knowing nothing about what I was going to see.
I love it that way.

You should do the same because I know you will also love this film.

Go see this BRILLIANT movie and support all good Filipino films!

My mate Von has written an AWESOME review and I'll direct you there because there is no way I could have done better!

ALSO visit the films official website @



Is a story of a Deaf Dancer (Romalito Mallari) and a Rock Musician (Zoe Sandejas) who cross paths at a Youth Camp that mixes Deaf and Hearing kids. Their encounter with each other gets off to a rocky start but soon these polar opposites find that they have more in common than the others including a love for music. As the story progresses, we leave the camp behind to focus on their individual lives and how their friendship helps them to cope.

Primarily a film about communication in relationships, IF I KNEW WHAT YOU SAID shows how the Filipino Deaf Culture exists in the world of the hearing. It showcases Deaf talents in acting and dancing. ROMALITO MALLARI is really Deaf and is the first Filipino Deaf Actor cast in a lead actor role.


ROBERT SENA – Dr. Rafael Mendoza
MICA TORRE – Niña’s Mom


Director – Mike Sandejas
Producer – Mike Sandejas
Screenplay – Mike Sandejas
Cinematographer – Albert Banzon
Production Designer – Roland Rubenecia
Film Editor – Mik Pestano
Music – Francis Brew Reyes
Sound – Ronald de Asis and Mark Locsin
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