15 January 2010

The Devil in Abdulrahim Janjalani

ANTI-GAY assault on DJ Mojo Jojo

The Supreme Court told the Comelec to put a group representing lesbians, gays, bisexuals and transgender (LGBT) back on the list of accredited party-list names that may run in the 2010 elections. It issued a temporary restraining order enjoining the Comelec from implementing its resolution denying the application for accreditation of Ang Ladlad as a party-list group. Ang Ladlad President Danton Remoto earlier said that the Comelec, in disqualifying the group, violated international human-rights laws.

Now that the “Ang Ladlad party” is in full swing, Victorina would like to ask the party leaders what they can do with the brewing situation now at hand. Just today, the AD Board Standards was bombarded with ANTI-GAY messages against gay- activist and popular DJ Mojo Jojo’s “gay” billboard’s all over Manila.
-Victorina Blog

Hate speech example #1

From: Abdulrahim Janjalani
Subject: offensive billboard
To: gigatchalian@gmail.com
Date: Thursday, December 17, 2009, 10:14 AM

I am writing to extend my
violent vehemence regarding that Glutamax billboard ad on South expressway because it is offensive to public morals, given the implicit sexual message it gives. it normalizes homosexual sex, a propagandistic act to make homosexuality seem natural when it is not. Homosexuality is a gender identity disorder that needs compassion and care and "cure"(WTF?), not mindless naturalization and normalization. thanks you! i pray you take down this offensive billboard, or we'd rally entire communities of fervent Catholics against this.

Dear Abdulrahim Janjalani,

Go f--k yourself! (My heart aches for you and your lack of basic civility)


YOU are a total waste of space on this earth. HOW can you espouse such vile and untruthful information for the young people of your country to possibly read?

YOU ought to be ashamed at and disgusted with your foul smelling heart and your misleading untruthful rubbish.

You are a hateful human being Abdulrahim
Janjalani and I'm embarrassed for you, your loved ones and at your incredible lack of consideration for humanity and your total lack of decency.
Your total and sad reliance on the Catholic Church and its false teachings with regards to homosexuality will be your eventual undoing.
I'm patient.
We all are.

Read full story @ http://donavictorina.blogspot.com/


MojoJojo Tweets!

Javier (Mojo) went to Twitter to voice out his disdain. Some of his prominent tweets read as follows:

“Come on, this is the Philippines! GAYS are EVERYWHERE and have been part of PINOY CULTURE since forever. Let’s not fool ourselves, PUHLEEZ!” (mojojo899)

“It’s okay to have gays in pinoy media as comedians singers & such but to have the word “GAY’ in an advertisement, why is that controversial?” (mojojo899)

“LGBTs literally run Philippine Media & Advertising but why is it that they do not stand up for our own rights? Please, make a stand!” (mojojojo899)

Javier also posted a message saying that he would upload all the complaints once he receives a hard copy.

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