25 March 2010

Accordian to Chinese Fashion...

BEIJING - MARCH 25: A model walks the runway during the Hempel Award 18th China International Young Fashion Designers Contest at China Fashion Week A/W 2010-11 on March 25, 2010 in Beijing, China. (Photo by Feng Li/Getty Images)

Dear Readers,

LOVE and ADORE fashion (and hot Chinese models) as much as the next gay, but these 'accordion' pants are a little too far out for me.
I went shopping
(therapy) yesterday to search out some new pieces for my spring/summer 2010 wardrobe and let me tell you dear friends- Toronto does not disappoint when it comes to freaking fantastic fashion. If I had five thousand dollars I swear I could spend it entirely on clothes, probably in one afternoon. I mean the Harley Davidson hand made motorcycle boots I so deeply crave are 1200 bucks and that's CHEAP! I'll never ever have MY boots but I do dream about owning them. These boots and their magnetic force....have drawn me to the store to try them on twice.
I know most of us share this weakness when it come to retail 'therapy'. I feel it will always be the only real addiction that follows me
(or rather my pocket book) around.
But we cope somehow and regret only briefly those outlandish purchases that leave us broke for days.....
I live and love living on a sensible conservative budget and of course I've discovered that my stress levels have decreased dramatically since I began acting more responsible with my limited monthly funds.

Because the only thing I want more than those hot Harley boots is lower stress levels!
Sensibility saves the day!
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