25 March 2010

Papa's Little Lady

Lady is so big yet so small and reminds me of both Siesta in the Philippines and Pickles in Australia

Taking Lady to the dog park is a new experience every day
and she loves playing in the creek nearby...

Dear Readers,

It took almost two years, but I've finally adopted a pretty new dog called Lady.

Leaving my precious little dog Pickles behind in Australia was really tough but I get to see her whenever I want on Skype which helps to ease my guilt pangs. And Siesta remains in the Philippines thriving with her beautiful family. I receive updated pictures which is always a treat for me.

My new dog is equally as special and came to me under smooth seamless circumstances.
Lady's two years old and super smart and endlessly affectionate. A real daddy's girl.
She behaves marvelously with other dogs showing amazing discipline when called.
She can run as fast as any dog I've seen!

My life feels 'normal' again ever since I adopted Lady.
Life without a dog really sucks.
Lady helped heal at least four holes in my heart.
Dogs are pure magic.
And Lady is magical.

Although we live in the middle of uptown Toronto we also live two blocks away from a creek filled forest where we walk everyday, exploring the different paths waiting for spring to appear on the trees. Lady loves jumping in the water with other dogs and exploring the forest floor with her nose. I love her.
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