16 March 2010

No Old Fat Ugly and Disgusting People

Miuccia Prada instructs her PRADA troops to "Eat only your finger nails' to get and stay thin

Dear Readers,

I once worked for a monstrous abominable woman named Patrica who is the mother of a now famous Australian 'family friendly' chef in Sydney (Patricia's son is married with kids now, but B slept with his share of men before he tied the hetero knot). B's nightmare mother Patrica (who was not small herself) was sued for firing a waitress after telling her "You're too fat to work around the tables".
That was a mistake!
This poor terminated girl with her self esteem in question was rather 'plump' in the derriere area, but she was also quite gorgeous. Her looks and charming 'customer friendly demeanor' with a cherry of sparkling personality on top surely kept people happy in the restaurant.
I didn't think this girl was fat.
I just remember her being very Romanesque in her stature.
Roundish and healthy looking.
The men sure liked her.
The dismissed girl sued this wicked old witch Patricia and won.

No person should be discriminated due to their sexual identity or lifestyle or weight (unless you are squishing beside me on a plane, then I want you to buy two seats!).
I came across this article today in my new favorite fashion blog (on my fab fashion list)
I LOVED this story!
Fashion (PRADA) is fucking brutal!

Fired For Being Ugly: The Dark Side Of Retail
Verena von Pfetten |

The fashion industry — particularly on the retail side — has a long and illustrious history of superficial hiring and firing practices. But the past few days have seen retail giants like J. Crew Prada come under fire for particularly heinous examples.

Non-profit group Make The Road filed suit against J. Crew Monday morning, alleging that the ready-to-wear brand discriminated against a transgender person applying for a job at their New York flagship store. According to the complaint, which was filed with the Manhattan district attorney’s office, the applicant “was treated brusquely, told to fill out an application, and was never called.” Conversely, their testing partner — who applied the same day — was hired almost immediately. And this follows less than three days after a senior retail manager at Prada Japaneliminate” any staff deemed “old, fat, ugly, disgusting, or not having the Prada look.” How very Zoolander of them.

According to The Daily Mail, the firing orders came directly from the top, via Davide SesiaPrada Japan’s now infamous CEO. Rina Bovrisse, the manager who filed the suit, says that 13 employees were consequently eliminated, with poor sales cited as the reason. So far, Prada has refused to comment, and while we hate to weigh in without seeing the evidence, well, where there’s smoke, there’s a fire.

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