22 September 2010

CORRUPT Politician- "Gays Not Credible"

The Yacht-Master has quickly become a mainstay in any CORRUPT FILIPINO POLITICIANS collection of watches. The watch has a very high retail price - $7,800.00 - that's higher than the stainless Daytona or the two-tone Submariner.

Hmm.... how nice I wonder how this politician can afford to buy a Rolex Yachtmaster with a salary of 15000.00 pesos a month($348) and have a sprawling mansion in Manila hmm... I wonder who you can trust a poor gay househelp, or a politician that steals from the national coffers... this is the problem in the Philippines people like this should be audited and grilled where their wealth is coming from!!!!!!!!!

So my question to is how can

Datu Mastor D. Salendab

afford to buy that watch that he is proudly brandishing in plain view of the media?? The media should say- Mr. Salendab "nice watch, how did you manage to procure that fine time piece with a measly salary of 15000.00 pesos????

The nerve to questions someones integrity and yet he himself is the worst offender.... a fatwa should be called on this bigot. -J. Calabig


'Corrupt' Filipino Homophobic Politician Datu Mastor Salendab

Ampatuan Sr., a principal suspect in the Nov. 23, 2009 Ampatuan Massacre, was also charged with rebellion after he and some family members allegedly plotted an uprising against the government that was then investigating the carnage.

Lakmudin Saliao, a longtime house help of Ampatuan Sr., on Wednesday told the Manila court hearing the massacre case that last March 11 the former governor told him to give the money to Dureza.

“Bakla daw si Saliao…Mahirap paniwalaan ang ganyang klaseng tao (They said Saliao is gay…It’s hard to believe this kind of persons)” ,

Datu Mastor D. Salendab, a resident of Buluan,Maguindanao, said in a press conference here today.

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