06 March 2008

Friday's Forever and Ever

When DJ and I would go out, it was alway's Fridays.
Lunch for him is never less then three thousand pesos. If you are paying that is.
And I ALWAYS paid.

He was a VERY expensive boyfriend.
I asked him once to come to Andoks with me.
He told me he could not be seen there. Ever.
So I asked His Royal Highness to go for Inasal.
No way.
Aria only that day. He loved how the staff called him sir. Made him hard. I swear.
But Fridays was his favorite.
He really pitched a tent up there at station one. But now they too know what he did to me. Besides that, he is having his own problems up there now with some sort of payment dispute.
Did you think I was going to pay for your love nest you had before we met mate! You must be drunk. DJ, you underestimated my network on Boracay. And over estimated your own.

Discovery Shores is not an option for Mr. Ka-cheapen... er.. DJ.
Another Bonny and Clyde escapade that back-fired on the Gucci Group. El Cheapo's that they are.
Why pay for your hotel room? Thats like three grams of cocaine.

Are you not humiliated DJ? Celine?
Your addictions drive your behaviour.
Its why the decisions you make always have a result.
Give up the blow babe. Its ruining your life and all thise around you.

Cause and effect love. Guilt by association. Look it up.

They are all persona non-grata at Discovery Shores. Unless they pay of course.
DJ REALLY fucked that up too. Blew it big time.
Now he just slags the resort off left, right and center. They know.
Now I know why. He turns on anything that figures him out. DJ has no mercy for Discovery Shores. Just bleeds with anger at them. For what HE did. Get a job DJ, so you can actually afford to stay in a nice hotel. Get a real job. Not scamming.

Anyway's, Metro Society got that scoop. And chears to the back page for their courage in printing it. And for the previous paragraphs devoted to Mr. Ka-cheapen.
Shame you can't name him clearly as Mr. Montano though. There is a sting in his tail I know. But I will here on this blog.
DJ Montano IS Mr. Ka-cheapen. There.

Thinking back to any high end Boracay resto, I can hear him now ordering as if he were on the ledo-deck of the Queen Mary at Sea.

"Pasta with white truffle oil (plate warmed). Shaved ham, extra thin (uber thin), sun dried tomatoes (oil patted off) and parm shaved at the table. Cracked pepper. More. More.More." Never a thank you. I would shake my head and wonder what the hell I got myself into.
I married Nan Kemper. Before her class surfaced along with her third husbands money. Just a broke socialite. I was tricked. I didn't even know DJ had this 'big'life in Manila. Until it was too late. He had my money within weeks of meeting him. By the time I move to the Philippines, I was well and truly sucked in to the world of DJ and his society.

And of course, there was his bottle of red wine , slightly chilled. But not too much. Hold the glass up to the candle light. Examine. Look concerned. Like your world is falling apart. Breath mate. Take another pill. It will be all right when you wake up. Besides, what are you worried about. Its not like you are paying. And if you were, its most probably with my money!

No dear. I'm afraid it won't it won't be better for you when you wake..
Not until you.....
Pay up!

So is it Western Union then mate?

You get back to me on that DJ..
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