17 April 2008

Give Me a 'M' for MoTwister!

Open letter to the doubter and grief givers.

MoTwister is a gentleman.

You will never divide my loyalty to him and his listeners.

I do NOT work for Magic 89.9.

Therefore I do NOT get paid.
And why would I?
I have NEVER thought of being paid.
The whole concept is ridiculous.

Magic 89.9 has done nothing but help me bring my story out into the open.
MoTwister and his staff have been very good to me.
I am honored to be asked to be on their show.
I really am.
They pay for the call.
So its no big deal. They have been brilliant.
Thanks Mojo and Grace too!

My blog had already achieved 2,000,000 hits before I was a 'guest' on his breakfast show.
That in itself is a reason to have me on. Right? Its just the truth. What's wrong with telling the truth?
It's not a new concept for me unlike others.
How many people have done what I have done? Really? Give me some credit. This is hard bloody work.
So good on you Mo for having the balls to give me some time on your show.
I love talking to your listeners on Wednesdays.

Don't you think it would go against the morals and guidelines of broadcasting, for Magic to pay me?
How un-bias could they possibly be if I was being paid?
We are trying to change things. Not perpetuate them.
I don't want to be any part of any debate regarding Magic.
So this will be my last comment on it.
Cash for comment is ILLEGAL here.
And it should be there too!!!!!!!!


Morals and guidelines in journalism.
Oh, I'm sorry. I forgot. We are talking about the Philippines.
What was I thinking.
Silly me.

DJ accused me of slamming the Philippines justice system.
Ah, DUH DJ. I admitted that.
The justice system in the Philippines DOES SUCK!
You only have to read the comments section of my blog to know that I am rarely off target with my thoughts.
I lived there. I know the Philippines. I feel it deeply.

What rubbish from your lips.
You are ashamed and embarrassed to be filipino mate. I fucking wish I was a filipino.

Vote for Brian!

I LOVE the Philippines. And my readers know that.
I say what I feel.
I have a TRUE passion for your country DJ.
You just milk it like a giant ATM machine.
Crooked, like your teeth.
Like your core.

Your the mixed race mate.

Anyways, all I know is MoTwister has been balanced and fair.
When I am on his show, we all talk about the blog and its impact on society there.
And around the world.
Why should I be paid?
He is doing me a huge service. He is doing his job.
And yes, he did donate money to my fund.
Thanks Mo.
And if I had nothing of substance to contribute, he would not have me on.

According to Aurora, it was I who was paying Magic.
That woman is so out of touch with my reality.
Can you all write her and ask her as many questions as you pose to me?

I've done my bit.
Its fact.
DJ ripped me off for my life savings.
That is a fact!
Nothing cocky about that.
But I am scared shittless about my future.
Will you help me reader?
Who will at the end of the day.
At the end of my days?
We all think about it.
I am not special, or different then anyone else on earth.
Just me mate.
On my own.
I'll figure it out.
I am a survivor.
Like millions of Filipinos.

So if some people think I'm a little cocky.
It can't be helped.
It's not intentional.
It just is.

Aurora dear.
I almost died when I heard that.........you asked if..
Oh dear.
The Montanos still think I have money.
They are NOT listening to me.
So I will turn up the volume.

Yep, I almost died when i heard that.
Almost Aurora, not quite.
Don't get too excited dear.
I will be around for a while longer.

To the reader who thinks I am being cocky now, and in case anyone else does.
Please read.

I have never sought it out.
I hate fame. The entire concept.
I would rather drink toilet water out of a shoe.
I am a PRIVATE person.
I did not ask for this.
But I am a fighter.
And I am fighting.
Like you would.

Please don't confuse my genuine fear with cockiness.
It will not serve me well to have do deal with that layer of worry as well.
I'm all full up in the worry department.
For I am determined to stay on course.
My course.
Some people think I am enjoying this.
Your kidding me right?
Trust me. I can think of a million others things I would prefer to be doing.
A billion things.
Things other then chasing my bloody money from DJ.
Like resting.
Like gaining weight.
A clear perspective again.
You know.
A regular life again.

Because DJ scammed my money.
Enough said.
I want my money back so I can re-claim my life.
And my readers understand what I am going through.
As does my family.
I'm just not going to trot them out, in some humiliating fashion, as some have.
I do have a bit of dignity left.

For any one person to suggest that I am enjoying this, is just nuts.
I am NOT famous. I am a normal person living a normal life.
Do not label me.
I go on the radio because I HAVE to.
I am fighting for my money.
I am responsible for the hits on my blog.
It is after all, my blog.
Anyone can have one.
Try yourself and see just how easy it is.
And by the way, I did NOT become "famous" because of my douche bag ex and his plastic BFF.
I became poor because of them.
Get it straight before you criticize me please.

When you get over one thousands e mails a day.
And hundreds of comments to read.
Oh yes, this is just a fabulous life I have now.
Just grand.
38 years old. On a pension.
Oh yes. Just great.


Take it!
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