17 April 2008

Magic 89.9 in the Palace? Or Court?

Aurora Montano is going nuts!

My little bird told me ( my TRIPLE A insider/ deep throat ) that Aurora Montano and her lawyers have been driving around Manila like a MAD woman firing off Subpoena's and threats.

The bitch is BACK!

As of this morning, Aurora Montano and another 'family member' called in to see a Magic 89.9 Account Executive.
They have threatened to sue Quest-Magic Broadcasting (the Philippines LARGEST Multi-Billion Radio Conglomerate with well over a dozen radio stations all over the Philippines.)

However, I understand that Quest has insisted the Broadcasters have the "FREEDOM" to express their sentiment and they cannot inhibit their Constitutional freedom of speech.

She has DEMANDED to know if I am PAYING for my airtime on Magic.
Is this demon woman for real?
How can I pay a radio station bitch when your son stole my money?
Rot Aurora.
In your grave.

This Aurora woman only thinks along the lines of corruption.
She is digging her grave.
With a spoon.
Slowly, like her son.
The grave that many will spit on now.
Including me.

Ok, but then guess what readers?
This is just fabulous information.
I nearly fell over.

Aurora called the station later in the day.
Several times.

She insisted on taking TWO of of Magic's DJ's to PEOPLE'S PALACE !!!!!


How dare you Aurora?
Aurora, stay the fuck away from PP.
That's MY restaurant!
It's a great place.
Too good for your kind dear.
And as I have said before in this blog, the staff at PP are gorgeous.

See you at Andok's babe!
Mmmmm... Andok's.
I miss Andok's more then any of you will ever know.

DJ gets a rash if you say that word Andok's.
Breaks out in hives.
Hence the bronzer powder he piles on.
He was good for a laugh I guess.

People's Palace!
Please don't serve the Montanos.
Ban them.
I do not want their germs in my favorite restaurant!
They will infect the spring rolls.

Aurora wanted to PAY for lunch. That was stressed.
Pay or "PAY OFF" Aurora?
So she could be seen with my supporters.
Two photographers were tipped off.
But the REAL DJ's did not bite.

In fact, from what I hear, the station was in hysteria over the threats.
And the invitation to lunch.
A lunch invite.
Can you believe the nerve and gull of this woman?

Aurora is FREAKING out!
This blog has done its job.
Her family is mud now. As it should be.
Tell your son to pay me bitch!
And this nightmare will end for you and your off spring.
Including your sister DJ. Miss 7000 Western Union.

And Aurora dear, you fail to realise, JUST HOW MANY PEOPLE I have in Manila keeping me posted. Updated.
I know more people then your whole family now.
You will NEVER win this war with me.
Pull your son off your nipple love, and let him stand on his own.
Peel those puffy lips off your tit Aurora.
Set him free from your bosom of dishonesty.

In fact, I know where you are now Aurora dear.
Most likely in the CR.
On the toilet, resting on your morals.
Extruding your pride and dignity.
Pushing out your integrity and honor.

But her plan was foiled.
She is so desperate.
Fighting her sons battles for him.
How humiliating for you Delfin.
Poor tragic DJ.
Aurora does not know where to turn.
File against me you fraudulent anomaly.
Pay UP!
Where is this court case against me?

MoTwister is a MAN DJ!
A very nice guy.
And yes, he is hunky.
And the rest of his crew stand behind him.
And me!
So I am happy.

Stop fighting with MoTwister.
Distracting people is your skill DJ and Aurora.
You have underestimated things..... again.
You want to sue Mo?
He will win.
I will testify for him.

What about me Montanos?
When are you 'filing' your case in Australia against me your fucking bluffers?
You have had TWO months now.
You have NOTHING on me.
You are being investigated at the moment.
Not me.

FILE you gutless bloody chicken shits.
You pathetic bunch of bluffers.


You have tried to trick the Philippines DJ.
Your only fooling your shadows Montanos.
The populous smells the stench too!

Mo or Magic or Quest will NOT buckle to the pressure.

I do NOT get paid for my appearances on Magic 89.9.
I am NOT an employee.
Mo Twister has been an honorable man by having me on the morning show on Wednesdays at 7:30am.
I will be back again next Wednesday.
I love doing their show.

Aurora, where is MY lunch invite?
I will pay.
I know that's how it works in your family.
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