20 July 2008

He Died For Us All

Homophobia IS a SIN, and Jesus did DIE for our sins.
Are you homophobic?
Well, are you?

This message goes out to the readers who simply want me to tear people new ass holes everyday on my blog, and to the others who just visit, so they can feel better about people they hate for there own reasons, when I attack them for VERY good reasons.
NOT going soft on anyone, and I NEVER will.
I've shown that to be true many times already.
So if you just visit this blog just for the thrill of seeing other people being taken down, and don't want the positive stories about the same people, well piss off away from my blog.
I'll not be made to feel bad just because I admire the actions of others who ACTUALLY get a GREAT result for the average Filipino at the end of the day.
And there's no one that homophobia affects more in the Philippines then your 'average Filipino'.
Just because I give credit where credit is due, does not mean I feel ANY differently about the other issues I tackle everyday in this forum.
And it does NOT mean that I have yielded my rage with certain people as well.
I'm FULLY aware that people do not change over night.
But there has to be a start for everyone.
And I will be watching even more closely now to see what follow up there is.

I'll continue to write about and comment on the issues, which I feel are holding the country back from its potentially positive movement forward.
But if I see someone (
anyone) advancing the cause for the elimination of discrimination and the evils of homophobia in the Philippines, I will commend them.
No matter who it is.
Got that?
I'm not, nor will I ever go soft on anyone who deserves attention, be it negative or positive.
If you want this blog to be just an aggressive place, well I can't help you.
What have
YOU done to combat homophobia lately?
I'm not going to take shit from anyone who thinks I've turned a corner with my stand on Manila society and the evil which sits next to it at Embassy.
I hate the current attitude in Manila with regards to the
excessive amounts of drugs and irresponsibility that ultimately trickles down to the most vulnerable and impressionable in our society. And my future posts will reflect it like my past entries have.

Going soft.
Fuck off with this shit.

Let me remind some of you out there, that this is my blog, and I will praise any individual who does something to help the betterment of Philippines society.

And this time it happened to be a person who I may have little respect for, but regardless, he HAS helped move this issue forward.
And he SHOULD be proud of that.
And we should be proud of him too!
Selfish reasons?
I don't care about that either.
A result is a result.
And we need MORE results.
Because God created all of us EQUALLY in his eyes.
So if you are homophobic.... you are going to HELL, NOT heaven at all.

Start your own blog and slam people all day if you want.
This blog calls it how it sees it.
This blog is VERY fair and balanced.

Take up kick boxing if you want to fight all the time.
This blog is not going to be a boxing ring every day for those of you who stroke it when I tell the truth.

It's a forum to discuss
VERY important issues and events which happen in Manila and the Philippines, and around the world for that matter.
And stamping out homophobia is #1 on this blog.

Because I'm a great big ass loving faggot.

So for those people who are leaving comments for me expressing their 'disappointment' that I have gone 'soft' on certain people, get real please.

I can't nor will I EVER be able to please you all.
But I'm bloody well trying.
I was having such a great fucking day as well, until I read that shit.

Give me a break.

PS! Dear readers,

I've finally started a RSS feed , so I can send you all udpdates when I post a new entry. Talk about cybertard... it only took me six monthes. Thank you to the reader who suggested it to me. Enter your e mail and you will be notified when I've posted fresh.


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