21 July 2008

San Francisco ....... HELP HELP HELP ME!!!!!!!

Delfin Justiniano Ocampo Montano was seen in San Francisco Saturday, July 19 @ Gay Pageant.

With front row VIP (or pricier tickets) seating at the Herbst Theater for the 20th Mr. & Miss Gay Asian Pacific Alliance (GAPA) Pageant.

The pageant had 9 (male) contestants for Mr. GAPA and 10 (male) contestants for Miss GAPA. Show ran from 7pm through past 11 pm.

San Francisco Reader


Hey DJ Montano,

Where the fuck is my 70,000 dollars you CRIMINAL?????????

BEWARE San Francisco.
There is a chronic liar and massive THIEF amongst you all.

DJ Montano had to FLEE the Philippines because he has scammed DOZENS of people of their hard earned money. DJ Montano STOLE my life savings.
I'm HIV positive, so this guy has absolutely no conscience whatsoever.

I am begging the gay community in San Francisco to recognize his crimes against the gay community. He is from a long line of terrible scammers.
His mother is one of the biggest scammers in the Philippines.
DJ Montano owes Millions of pesos in the Philippines.
He will tell you thousands of lies.
He is a criminal in the Philippines.
He was FIRED from his teaching job for stealing my money.
He was FIRED from his writing job for stealing my money.
He was FIRED from every job he had in the Philippines because he is a well known THIEF!

He is VERY charming and he will fool you too as he has fooled many people for their money.

WHY should DJ Montano be able to enjoy his life when he has DESTROYED mine financially?

Why do you think this blog is so huge?

Because HE forced me to create it to get my life savings back.
Trust me and the content on my blog.


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