21 July 2008

Kitty Go Speaks.... PURRRRRRRR


Let me count the ways......

But first, let me tell you followers of fashion that I support a person or a cause the same way I support a fashion label----early and unfailingly...Well, until I see it on enough of the WRONG PEOPLE and at Duty Free, on Mariah Carey/Pinoy celebrity or every mall in the world...I can't bring myself to wear my leopard Giuseppe Zanottis since seeing it in Yes! --(Imitation of ) Christ Almighty!!!

As readers of my books will know, there are two types of people in this world: us and them. And within the two groups there are two more types: leaders and followers. (Well, them-s are nothing but social climbers anyway so I would classify them all as followers)
I would like to think of myself as a leader but unfortunately until now, my many followers have had to read my books in the bathroom or basement for fear of being seen by 'a friend of a friend of a big person', Corina Caballero, Alicia Santos-Daniels or all of the above and then some.
Hopefully not this time!

Before starting this blog, I was probably the only person ABS-CBN could find who openly backed Gorrell's blog even if we have never met in person. It also helped that they were in HK covering the boring presidential visit and needed comedy relief.
I feel the same way now as I did at the start--- and even when people were telling me 'Gorrell's blog is dead,' 'No one is reading it,' ' He has no proof' ---that blog is HIS and HE CAN TAKE IT IN ANY DIRECTION.
It can turn bisexual for all I care!
If I am proven wrong later, so what? It's not like I didn't endure 3 years of society criticism and cowardice....what's another three?
And if you are in it in anyway good, bad or ugly, talagang 'sorry nalang' ....
Don't want anything written about you? STAY HOME!
Girls and Gheys--didn't you notice how WELL BEHAVED and POLITE people have been since Gorrell and Chikatime went online???
It's like a police state without the cameras!
Now if only retail and restaurant services improved.
Regardless of what would have happened, I agree with everything in Gorrell's blog except for one thing (see below):

1) I like the spirit of a victim who takes matters into his own hands whether by blackmail (as many have accused Gorrell of) or whistle blowing (the term I would like to use) because these days NO ONE WILL HELP YOU but YOURSELF!
Certainly NOT the cops as Gorrell has so terrifyingly illustrated.

2) Whether it is 70 pesos, 70,000 USD or 70 million pesos, being swindled is painful and whoever did that DESERVES comeuppance....If no one will help you (and usually not even your dog will care), see step 1.

3) What is 'a lot of money' is a subjective term that should be analyzed only by the World Bank and other large institutions....(But look where it got us--oil at 150 USD(?) a barrel, gold at 900 USD (??) an ounce, real estate prices and stocks falling, consumer insolvency, etc).

My point is, regardless of the amount, life savings is life savings. It is NOT discretionary income like many critics would say 'ay--70,000 USD lang' or 'what's 3 million pesos?'
To people who do not value a hard day's work, probably nothing. But to the rest of civilization, whether it is minimum wage or 100,000 USD a day, a day's work is in the same league of preciousness as a day of life....
(Well, there are people like me who think of killing themselves for one reason or another ---very likely over having nothing to wear---but that's another story)

4) What happened to Brian has very likely happened to someone you know or even to YOU!
OR MORE LIKELY, it could have been a close call for you....
unless of course you are someone who never makes mistakes because....you have NO MONEY to INVEST! hahaha!!!!
The 'almost' that could move you from comfortable to crippled with the blink of an eye, the flash of a Bloomberg reading, the press of a send button....The 'almost' that could have happened because of greed (remember the Singaporean pyramid scam??), poor judgement (remember the Singaporean pyramid scam?), the balance sheet that looked good until you DID NOT SEE the managing director (remember the Singaporean pyramid scam?), the property values that were skyrocketing until....
It is the realization of how close anyone can be to the 'almost' that terrifies me most.
I guess the last few days here in Europe have shown me the 'almosts' that could have happened in a place aptly called 'Old Europe'--there is REALLY no ACTION in the old EU and US compared to Asia.
Like I always say, soon we will be charging entrance for people to look at our chalet because the entire Old Europe will become a museum unless they let the Russians in.

5) And finally, I support the blog because I CAN in the same way the blog is still alive because Brian can keep it that way.
For me, it is a privelege to be able to take sides and voice my opinion.
I am fully aware and understand that many do not have that luxury because of their jobs, who they work for or where they live such as places where there are archaic internet libel laws as in the Philippines where rubber stamping, 'carbon' copying and Lacoste have not gone out of fashion.

Oh yes--what I don't agree with...I think the Yoyo Tan vs people of HSBC is not an altogether altruistic action by YT for the cause of pouf-fery.
Rather---I THINK (and this is my own opinion) he was more likely OFFENDED/ashamed/insulted to be KNOWN as bakla than to be CALLED one .
GEDDIT?? Please say you do because I have to get on with book 3!!!
But comments good, bad and ugly are welcome.

Posted by kittygo at Monday, July 21, 2008 
Dear Readers,

To say that I'm honored to have Kitty's support and encouragement is an understatement. Kitty GO is not only a brilliant writer, but she's ALSO quite fearless and a very special friend of mine whom I adore. She has taught me many things about the 'Art of War'. And you need these skills when you have a blog like mine. Trust me. Its an emotional roller coaster for me, and my Kitty is always there to buckle me in for the ride. For those of you who write me, to tell me Kitty is using me and my blog for self promotion... get real please. Kitty has been lambasting Manila society for MANY years now. It is I who am grateful to HER for her continuing and unwavering love and support.
When a friend ends their letters with Love Kitty, well I tend to believe it. And Kitty always ends her letters with love.
Thank you Kitty for letting me post this on my blog. You truly are my superstar.

I love you too Kitty.

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