25 August 2008

Blog Pick...Ivan About Town

screen shot of a GREAT blog GO IVAN!

Dear Readers,

I've been anxious to add another blog to my list.

I found one. It took a while because I really wanted to promote an 'inside' the Philippines blog. A travel blog.

This is a fantastic highly informative blog with everything you'll need to know for your trip around the Philippines. His videos are WONDERFUL and take you there to the real people where they live and farm.
I hope this blogs keeps on doing what it's doing because the positive uplifting energy is evident on every page.(someone has to do it)
Ivan's blog is devoted to providing real information for the average person who may need some good true facts both written and visual.
He should be proud of his blog.
I love it.

Ivan About Town.(now on my favorite list)

He has a great 'heritage preservation' theme to his blog which I think is well, super to say the least.
And foreign visitors should know that the Philippines ain't just Boracay!
And he proves it.
But Boracay is THE BEST!
Really, it's wonderful.
Best year of my life.

Ivan About Town is a BRILLIANT travel blog full of
amazing pictures which every person would/should enjoy.

He takes you everywhere and tells you everything. I mean deep into the secret places in the Philippines. The images transport you there.

You'll be reminded (as I was) about the magical places which exist all around the country. We also need more tourism (the sensitive eco friendly kind), by both Nationals and Internationals. More friendly tourism is needed to help prop up often precarious situations in the more remote regions of the Philippines.

example of Ivan's videos

I hope people from all over the world will love this blog.
And I'll bet you, it even inspires people to travel to the Philippines.
As it should because the people are amazing all around the country.
I know.
You'll not be dissapointed after any Philippines adventure mostly because of the people you'll meet.
They really are beautiful people.
You only have to venture past Makati to find them.

And any blog that contributes to the positive honest portrayal of the Philippines through both the written word and images is good and great and much needed.
For sure.
It makes me want to come back and travel around the entire country.
Not like that will ever happen though.

Which is sad because I've healed there once already from trauma and it was very effective. Boracay is a great place to recover from a nightmare. A few cocktails at Hey Jude Bar or Juice Bar with your mates will settle anyones nerves.
Never being able to come back to the Philippines is the ultimate price I paid, in order to re claim my self esteem and self worth, back from those who snatched it away from me. And it was worth it BIG TIME.

So I'll see it through Ivan's eyes instead.
I love his blog because it's packed with information which we all require when we leave our 'comfort zones'.
And of course, it's a Pinoy blog.

Ivan dates his entries for the day he was actually traveling which I think is totally cool. He takes you back to the actual day, the weather and everything in between.

I'm told he'll start posting his August trips soon, so give his site some love please.
It's worth it just for his pictures.
You don't have to be traveling.
But you'll feel like you have after checking out his blog.

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