25 August 2008

Worry Much?

Hi B,

Feel free to post this. I was about to post this in the comment but decided to email you instead.

JENNI is now a prisoner of a delusional person. If she drops him all of a sudden. This Ridge guy might go after her. Jenni should really, really be scared. Ridge needs help. He is seriously mentally ill.

Ridge is pathological liar. Scary, scary boy to go the extent of making a entry in Wikimapia about a non-existent resort in Capiz that he owns. Mt. Rigel? There is no such mountain in existence in Panay or anywhere in the Philippines for that matter. Unfuckingbelievable. He even has to change the Philippines' geography to create illusions of grandeur.

To clarify too. The way Ridge tracked the identity of Chikatime is a fucking no brainer like he claims to be a "computer hacker." Any web savvy person could do what he did, just that they didn't because they love chikatime. There are thousands of tools in the internet to do a whois, DNS, traceroute etc. It's nothing new.

Ridge also claims he sent a "tracking software' to all the consoles Chikatime writers". What tracking software, maybe you mean a trojan, spyware, a virus? What's a console? He means "port". Not console. When you say console geeks would think gaming console. Hahahaha. He doesn't even know what proper term to use.

For the record I LOVE and HATE chikatime. But anyway that's not the issue here. chikatime.com was also not careful about his/her identity. He admitted that he worked for a call center and logs in the office. You just trace his I.P., track the coordinates and do a process of elimination. Voila! you have his/her identity.

THE NBI Raid was a BLUFF. Why? If indeed there was a raid, the mainstream media would have picked it up. Every NBI raid that involves cyber crime involved the national news. The history of NBI with regards to cyber crime raid is either because of 1.) Porn 2.) Piracy. A libel case would be very difficult to prove so I seriously doubt there was an NBI involvement.

Second point. If NBI asked you " how did you get CHIKATIME's real identity". You cannot possibly claim... We'll we hacked in to their accounts. Moron. MAUUNA KA PA IKULONG. (You'll go to JAIL first) If you already blatantly announce to the world that you hacked into a system, your in BIG trouble. HACKING is a far more offensive crime than LIBEL.

Really. they had a "Legal" team? What is this that Google promised that they will take down the cache in the search results? Haha. Why not take down the SITE first. it's only logical. Last time I checked Chikatime.com still is using Blogger. Only they are hosted on a different server. But they are right. THE CACHE of Chikatime.com is now deleted. HAHAHA. So now, where is the evidence of libel unless ofcourse they have a screen shot of each entries that were against THEM.

Did they file an actual case/complain? Jenni Epperson is the only person among the two who could file a case against owners of chikatime. Cause RIDGE cannot file Libel against CHIKATIME. Because chikatime never blogged about him because he was a nobody.

Now, Ridge blatantly announced he got into chikatime's ad-sense account." HAhAHA. You just don't do that. WTF!!! You expect GOOGLE to help you when YOU HAVE HACKED INTO THEIR SYSTEM. Hello Google! Are you reading this.


And JENNI darling, you shouldn't have involved yourself.


"i would love to post the credit card information that chickentime used to pay it's go-daddy server, as well as the other credit card used to upgrade the account to anonymous, but i will have to wait for confirmation. someone's just ironing out the legal implications."

Legal Implications? You are accessory to the crime sweetie. You have STOLEN credit card information in your hands. Do you wanna know what they do this with this in the US? You don't need a lawyer to tell you the "LEGAL IMPLICATIONS."
Tsk. Tsk. Possesion of STOLEN CREDIT CARD info is a VERY SERIOUS OFFENSE, JENNI GIRL. And what did RIDGE claim? He got this info from GODADDY.com, who strictly CONFORMS to US LAWS.


JENNI EPPERSON, be REALLY REALLY SCARED. YOU HAD POSSESSION OF a STOLEN CREDIT CARD INFO. That is felony. is FBI or Secret Service reading this? I should probably send this link to the proper authority. They do not take this things lightly.

Now Jen you're in serious trouble. How could you have believed a person who claimed he graduated Master's in Legal Management, a non-existent degree in ADMU. You should have checked your facts first. Legal team my ass. Jenni I hope the US government doesn't take away your VISA because you committed the crime above and blatantly announced you have possession of stolen credit card info from GoDaddy.Com and you are going to divulge it in public for the world to see.
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