25 August 2008

Welcome Back Misterhubs

screen shot of misterhubs blog....totally brilliant

Dear Misterhubs,

We missed you sooooooo much Misterhubs.
Make us laugh some more gorgeous with your wonderful take on the ridiculous and down right hilarious.
Many people are happy your blog holiday is over! (I need one too)
Because you make us laugh Hubs.
And we all need to laugh.

Click on Misterhubs blog when ever you want to escape the hum drum for a bit. Jump into the twisted wicked humor of this great guy.

Also, wow, check out Kitty Go and her fabulous blog today which is also on my favorite list. I LOVE Kitty.
And OMG... READ Victorina today. I LOVE LOVE LOVE Amiel Aguilar Cabanlig. He's brilliant!!!!!!!!!

I'll be adding two more blogs to my list tomorrow.
One is a BRILLIANT travel blog which will take everyone of us around the magnificent country that is the Philippines.
The other is a special find.

Pinoy of course!

Have a BRILLIANT week readers.
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