24 August 2008

San Francisco.... HELP!

dj needing his mommy in san francisco


Hi Brian,

I read your site off and on.

I needed to log on again to share an experience.

I live in SF and today, Aug 24 (Sunday) 630pm, I went to Mollie Stone
(a local supermarket) to do my weekend grocery shopping. As I
entered the supermarket, I noticed an Asian guy from afar and I told
myself, I have seen him before. I am good at remembering faces but
his one, it took me awhile and needed to do a second look. Not
satisfied, I even went closer and try not to be obvious that I was
on to something. Then, I confirmed it was him, moreover, the person
he was with made me more sure, he was the guy. It was DJ AND HIS
MOM. I wanted to approach them to tell him to "pay up". But, I do
not want to create a big commotion in the supermarket. When I saw
him, I said "this was the guy Brian was in love with?". He does not
deserve it.

Well, just wanted to share this experience. I have read the blogs
and it was a different experience when you are really in front of the

Take care and more power to you.

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