08 February 2009

Crazy Like Coco Puffs

WTF? What's with the massive diamonds on the hat?
I don't remember diamonds being in the bible?
Where did those diamonds come from?

Hells Gate, Auschwitz

Insanity prevails, Bishop Williams- Jew hater for sure

Bishop Williams.
Crackpot or crackpot?
Jew lover or Jew hater?
Or is he a Jew baiter?

Dear Readers,

Now I've been to Holland, Germany, Israel, Austria, France and Poland as well as the concentration camps inside of Poland. I've done the WW2 European tour let's say.
I've walked the rails of Auschwitz and hiked the Dutch countryside. I've even pinched my very own piece of the old Berlin wall on the old East German side... AT the Berlin wall. NOT from e bay!
Life changing for sure.

I've been to many Holocaust memorials all over the world including Germany (many in Europe), Israel, Australia and even South Africa.
For any person to deny the holocaust is simply insane. And any person who does deny it, should be imprisoned just for being that hateful and disgusting.
SIX million people died.
I saw the bones.

Bishop Williams is both.
Hateful and disgusting for suggesting his theory has any validity whatsoever.
And the Pope?
Well, he ain't far behind as we can now see with his handling of this affair.
He's a trouble maker like most Popes.
Not at all fond of the Jews.
Forced to do the 'right' thing.
(Lets not even mention Benedict was a part of Hitler Youth. Oops, I just did)

The VERY bad Bishop Williams was ex communicated by JP2 because he refused to accept that the holocaust indeed occurred. Williams was/is considered an official denier. Williams stubbornly refused/refuses to acknowledge that the gas chambers existed, OR their use in the attempted, systematic destruction of the imprisoned Jews in WW2.
He only has to go there and see it for himself. It's still standing for heavens sakes.

Now like I've said, I've seen more proof of the WW2 Holocaust then my little heart ever needed to see.
With my own eyes, I've seen the many boxes full of gold teeth that were removed from the mouths of the Jews. Crates filled with time pieces stacked to the ceiling.
I've seen the huge room full of shaved Jewish hair, piled high all around like a laundry. I saw a million (not abandoned, but taken) shoes fill room after room like art installations.
The Jews died naked in the gas chambers. Naked and wet. Dignity free. During the freezing winter months.
Just imagine a mother huddled with her precious beloved children when the gas vapours descend upon them all, with her own mother beside her. Clutching each other as they all die in the dark.
I was in a room with a half a million wallets.
Where are those people Bishop Williams?
The Bishop's insane.

I lived in beautiful Amsterdam. The canal I lived on was stormed by the Nazis when they occupied the city. Our neighbors told us everything that happened because their family had lived there since the twenties. A Jewish man was killed in our doorway for refusing to open the door. In MY doorway in Amsterdam. I felt shivers. I know a man who was IN a camp when he was four years old. They killed his grandmother. He still suffers, and he's old. He cries all the time.

I've been inside Anne Franks secret attic room and read from the walls, her truth and innocence. Her fears and hopes. We all know what happened to Anne Frank.

My point is, I'm only 38 and I've seen a million bits of PROOF that the Holocaust happened.
HOW can this old man not get it?

So along comes Pope Benedict (not known for his Catholic- Jewish diplomacy) and TRIES to lift the ban on the Bishop with no attached preconditions. Benedict loves creating a hornets nest with the Jews. And the gays. He's a very tricky Pope.
It's so ironic because the Pope is surrounded by gays.
Like all Pope are.
Some even say......

Uproar ensues.
And now because of this international public uproar, Benedict has placed some NEW conditions to Williams in this dramatic turn around. Because well, the Pope has no choice.
HE does not want to be labelled a Jew hater. AGAIN.
The Jews were NOT happy with the choice of Pope Benedict in the first place.
A German?
But when that ridiculous puff of white smoke appears, you get the Pope you get.
NO complaining.
Or you will go to hell.
Well, the gays anyways.

NOW it seems, that the 'wannabee again' Bishop Williams MUST recant his suggestion that the Jews were not put in ovens and gassed to death in order to be reinstated as a Bishop.
So now we are told that 'Bishop' Williams is 'looking into it' further in order to find his 'proof' that the Holocaust actually did happen. Yes, at the tender age of ancient, the Bishop will be 'looking into it further'. I was twenty when I went to Anne Franks house.
I was 22 in Poland.
What's his excuse?

NOW, Bishop Williams has a choice. If he wants to remain a Bishop and keep all the lavishness that comes with that post, he can either grow a brain and come to the conclusion on his own, that the holocaust did in fact happen, or pretend to satisfy the growing outcry for his permanent ex communication by bull shitting simply to appease the Pope and the Vatican.

The entire thing smells.
Like the smoke from those chambers.

Does not look like a picnic in the park to me Bishop.....
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