02 February 2009

Wow Wow Woweeeeee........

Dear Readers,

Every so often, a special person or two in this case, stand out in society because they shine brighter than the rest. And sometimes these special people can shine so brightly, they blind the status quo into submission with their achievements, small or large. And the ground they walk on, never settles back quite the same once they're through. I love these two guys. They're sooo cool.

The two men in this Wowowee clip are a pure example of these shiny people. And because we're talking of the Philippine here, what they did was a very brave act. Even in 2009.
These guys have balls.
I LOVE them.

They must be congratulated for their amazing sense of self and their bravery which is so clearly on display. Nervous at first, not sure what to say or how much to say, they eventually tell all which is, well, brave. You can see the boyfriend trying to balance their truth with the possible negative reaction from the sea of people around them.
Soldiers. Real men brave and true. In love and not afraid to tell.

To "come out" to a Wowowee audience seems a bit daunting... even to me. All that harsh noise and the brash lights and screaming hysterics everywhere... The dancing men are REALLY hot though. But generally, I hate the show and what it represents. Everyone I know dislikes Wowowee, which is why I'm amazed it's on the air at all. The stereotype that gets repeated every single day is heart breaking. The worst thing ever to happen in the Philippines television is Wowowee.
Hands down.

Except for this episode.
And the hot guys dancing. They can stay. Hahahaha.

You can't get more status pop culture quo then Wowowee. And although Willie the host normally drives me freaking bonkers, he showed a different side to his personality in this clip which I respected. Traces of Willie's humanity surface for all to see, while his previously questionable intolerance towards gays has defiantly matured when he addresses the crowd after hearing some initial jeers and echoes of ridicule through the mocking giggles and prudish snickers.

How quickly he turned them around.
Soooo effective and fast.
Now, THIS IS PROOF, that the host has real POWER.

Willie's incredible influence over his viewers easily contours the conversation as we see very clearly in this clip which demonstrates just how childish and naive many people remain in the face of the twenty first century gender/sexuality conversation. He proves this here. They prove it.
It's innocent in most cases. Even sort of cute. But it's proof positive that more acceptance is needed. There is already enough tolerance.
ENOUGH with the tolerance.
It's about acceptance.

Willie steered the conversation in the direction of his choice after gauging the audience and their reaction to the scenario being played out in front of them. And I think, his choice, was the right one.
Let's not question the power of the host anymore.
It's official. Willie has power over the people.
It's up to the media to spread the word.
The media rules all.
We may not be able to change that, so we may just have to lobby harder for content which represents a broader spectrum of the community.
Stories which celebrate the exceptional variety that humanity offers.
How each life is a gift and we must all share and celebrate our gifts and our differences.
Homophobia sucks.
So does Wowowee.
Except, this episode.

But look, these two cutie pies are the real superstars of the show because they “came out” with such fabulous pizzazz, charm, class and courage. Wicked combination. Coming out on live Pinoy TV.
Imagine doing it yourself.
I only wish I was there with my super gay glitter bubble machine.
I would have drenched them both in even more gay.
Because you can never have enough gay.

This is the month of love.
Let’s spread love and celebrate it.
Whatever gender.
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